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ELMA Network adapter 4 x GB ETH series
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Update date 2023-02-28 16:44
 Product characteristics
The S82-P6 can be used as a sandwich add-on expansion board, such as the SC4-ConCERTO and subsequent CPU carrier, primarily to provide a solid state drive mass storage solution, in addition to four gigabit Ethernet ports for the backplane.
Proprietary size sandwich module. Basically fits the 4HP (20.3mm) housing of the CPU carrier. Usually delivered as a ready-to-use assembly unit (including the CPU card) to the right of the mounting position (on top of the CPU board).
According to the 1000base-T interface standard, four discrete Gigabit Ethernet controllers (aka nics) are provided on the board for CompactPCI serial backplane communication via the P6 connector.
The Intel I210-IT Gigabit Ethernet controller supports new networking capabilities, such as audio-video bridging (AVB) and time-sensitive networking (TSN).
Ethernet is the interface of choice for multiprocessing configuration. With appropriate Ethernet-enabled CompactPCI serial backplanes, both network architectures are supported, whether single star for reasonable backplane cost or full mesh for good system flexibility.
S82-P6 Connect to CompactPCI? The sandwich expansion connectors HSE1 and HSE2 on the serial CPU carrier maintain a total assembly height of 4HP (20.32mm).
The S82-P6 comes with four separate Intel I210-IT Gigabit Ethernet network controllers. Industrial temperature nics contain integrated 1000base-T Gigabit Ethernet transceivers that connect to CompactPCI? Via magnetic modules. Serial backplane connector P6.
The network controller communicates with the CPU carrier via a PCI Express link and through the sandwich interface connector HSE2.
CPU carrier components with S82-P6 interlayers are usually plugged into CompactPCI? Serial backplanes in system slots are suitable for star architecture networks or full mesh backplanes Ethernet.
Both of these structures allow the use of CompactPCI? P6/J6 is used for backplane multiprocessing and other Ethernet binding communication. I210-IT Network controller is suitable for time sensitive applications (TSN).